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Hey people! Heidi Tann is back with new music!

“The Love You Give” is jazz artist Heidi Tann’s exploration into a funky and groovy twist to her jazz repertoire. Upbeat and soulful, this latest single is lively, enticing, and smooth all at once.

The piece jockeys between Tann’s naturally seductive vocals and guitar riffs that define this single as the ode to funk and jazz reminiscent of the likes of Chaka Khan. It’s through these complementing elements that the single carries its funky and soulful charm. The songstress pairs her lyrical repetition with a consistent upbeat flow, hearkening back to convivial nights on the dancefloor.

Tann shows off her versatility with this single, drawing from her jazz roots and fusing them with fundamental elements of the funk genre, such as strong bass lines and drum beats.

The latest single was written by Tony Garviz and Heidi Tann with Garviz being the arranger and producer as well. The featured talents also include Bruno Nesci on Bass and Yeyo Flogar on drums.

“The Love You Give” is officially released on 7/31/201 and will be available on her website at: and major music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, IHeart radio and many more.

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