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Press Release

From Netherland to United States Guess what? This is a wonderful news. My song “ Good Vibez” with Mike Harrison Bruno Nesci and Dcat Cornelius, Jon KT Wayne Kennedy won “ Best in Soul” at Fair Play Country Music  Award ,  attended by 40 countries all over the world last August 8-10 in a Red Carpet event held in Holland . It’s such a heartwarming experience. Thanks Gaby Agrikola for sharing this to me today . I will be receiving the trophy soon to be mailed to me and another one for for DJ Blue “ Mike Harrison” . Thanks to all the stations, promoters, DJ’s who has helped make this song heard all over the world . We are very grateful to all of you .. yay

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Upcoming Show!

Performing for Asian American Chamber of Commerce this April 8, 2023 #heiditannmusic #smoothjazzmusic #losangelesevents #newsrelease #asianamericanevents

Press Release
Heidi Tann - Good Vibez . Nesci Club Remix - Cover 3000x3000 (2).png

Ushering in the summer season, Heidi Tann releases a lively Club Nesci remix of her latest
single “Good Vibez,” written by the songstress herself and Mike Harrison. The song features
Rob Maletick on saxophone, Tony Garviz on guitar, Bruno Nesci on keyboards, drum
programming and lead guitar, and Tony Garviz on rhythm guitar.
The original music was sent by Jon KT Lindley, then Heidi Tann and Mike Harrison wrote the
lyrics, and came out with “the title Good Vibez” with a more funky version and was released on
February 26,2022 and became a Top 5 and 10 hit in 16 charts all over the world. The song talks
about finding someone and feeling love and positivity from the newfound connection.
This remix adds a convivial twist to the relaxed sound of the original version. Staying true to her
jazz roots as a musician, the remix incorporates saxophone and guitar riffs to its rhythmic synth
sound. The steady beat and synth sound is Tann’s foray into a pop crossover.

Tann’s warm vocals are remarkable and recognizable once again in this latest remix. She
climbs to the top of the charts through her impressive arrangements inspired by jazz, funk, and
“Good Vibez (Club Nesci Remix)” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, [INSERT
You can stay in touch with her through @heiditannmusic on Instagram, Heidi Tann_Official on
Facebook. Catch all updates, including new merchandise, on

Press Release

Philippines-born soul singer HEIDI TANN opens her 2022 account with a catchy, mid-tempo groove, Good Vibez’ – a song, she says, that celebrates real love and deep connections. Ms T adds that the song is about positivity and feeling secure within your relationship. The sweet tune reflects the sentiment.

‘Good Vibez’ was co-written by Heidi with Producer/DJ Mike “DJ Blue” Harrison of MS1 Project and is released on February 26th.

Press Release

Heidi Tann is a singer who was born and raised in the Philippines. She found she had the gift of entertaining people at an early age and gradually developed her talents as a vocalist and performer. As she musically found her feet, she honed in on the genres she loved the most and which has formed her signature sound; smooth and pop jazz, RnB and bossa nova, with Latin jazz thrown into the mix. At 22, after graduating, began performing in Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Guam. Proving very popular, her FilAm roots give her an authentic yet exotic vibe that captivates audiences wherever she goes.

Available for downloads this December 4, 2020.


This song, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, is a cover of the popular classic I’ll Be Home For Christmas. It was first made famous by Bing Crosby in 1943, becoming hugely popular with soldiers longing to return home. This version is a gorgeous sounding smooth jazz approach to this timeless track. Opening with a jazzy intro, Heidi’s warm and vibrant vocals captivate from the very start. A steady beat and warm, deep bass provide the bedrock for a versatile vocal performance from Heidi on the verses.


Piano, synth strings and subtle rhythm guitar fill out the sound along with timely bursts of brass. It builds up to a glorious interplay between saxophone and brass after the second refrain. The arrangement becomes even more impressive with swirls of rich synth leading up to a modulation which finishes the song on a euphoric high.


Overall, this is a fantastic version of a Christmas classic featuring a first rate vocal performance by Heidi Tann. Her charismatic voice is backed by superb musicianship and high end production,


Arranged and produced by Bobby Gomez, Guitar: Tony Garviz / Bass: Bruno Nesci/ Saxophone: Santiago Kurchan

resulting in a modern yet authentic rendition of an evergreen Yuletide song that still means so much to so many.


Available for downloads this December 4, 2020.

Don’t miss out on Heidi Tann special feature on Pump it up Magazine print/digital Christmas Edition –  Available December 1st


To know more about Heidi Tann, please visit:

Follow Heidi Tann on Spotify

Press Release

Adding a twist to the “The Love You Give,”
songstress Heidi Tann releases the Nesci &

Garviz Remix, a rendition of the song that hones
in on the single’s funk-inspired elements
through palpable beats that add a modern
twist to her single, especially with the revival
of disco-inspired beats among the industry’s
most prominent artists in recent years.
The original version of “The Love You Give”
is her foray into a funky and groovy twist to her
existing jazz repertoire. It’s upbeat, soulful,
and enticing. With the remix, the funky and
soulful elements of the song are highlighted.
The song opens with prominent beats that

set the stage for what this song is made for:
a tune to once can dance to, whether that’s on the kitchen floor or the dance floor.
Tann adds to the legacy of jazz and funk with her work, and this remix is no different.

Instruments like the muted bass are contrasted by the saxophone that glazed and added a smoothness to
the song. The saxophone keeps being an instrument she stays true to as a jazz artist. The robust guitar
riffs solidify the excitement behind the track, and, of course, her smooth and sultry vocals too.
The latest single was produced by Bruno Nesci and Tony Garviz, written by Garviz and the songstress
herself, with Garviz on guitar, Nesci on bass, Santiago Kurchan on the saxophone, and Yeyo Flogar on
“The Love You Give “The Love You Give” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music,
Deezer, Soundcloud, IHeart Radio, Google Play and most streaming platforms.
Connect with her through Instagram @heiditannmusic, Facebook, Heidi Tann_ Official and subscribe to
her website: to get updates.

Press Release

Happy weekend guys! The brand new remix of the song “ The Love You Give” is coming your way soon this November  thanks to these wonderful gentlemen of jazz, Tony Gviz and Bruno Nescip with Yeyo Flogar and adding Santiago Kurchan on 🎷, it’s exciting,smooth, funky, sexy and flavorful, can’t wait for you guys to hear it #theloveyougiveremix

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