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Good Vibez- DJB Remix (DJ Blue Remix) 1&2

Ushering in the Fall Season, Heidi Tann releases a lively Club DJ Blue

remix of her single “Good Vibez,” written by the songstress herself and

Mike Harrison. Also produced by Mike “DJ Blue” Harrison for MS1


The song features Artem Jazz on sax, Tha Doc all keyboards and

programming, Larry Salzman on percussion, backing vocals by

Kokoluscious .Mixed by: MadushD @Hit Sound Music

The original version of “Good Vibez’ became a Top 10 hit in 16 charts all

over the world and recently won an award for “Best In Soul’ 2023 in the

Netherlands at the FCMA. The song talks about finding someone and

feeling love and positivity from the newfound connection. 

This remix adds a convivial twist to the relaxed sound of the original

version. Staying true to her jazz roots as a musician, the remix incorporates

saxophone and percussion in its rhythmic synth sound. The steady beat

and synth sound is Tann’s foray into a pop crossover. 

Tann’s warm vocals are remarkable and recognizable once again in this

latest remix. She climbs to the top of the charts through her impressive

arrangements inspired by jazz, funk, and pop. 

“Good Vibez (DJB Remix) is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube,

Pandora and streaming platforms on October 28 2023

Available on H & S Records on all digital platforms

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