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My Favorite Things by Heidi Tann – A holiday experience that should not be missed!

Heidi Tann is a beautiful songstress with a very distinct and sophisticated style. As a jazz singer and r&b artist that was born and raised in the Philippines, she is able to add a rich exotic air to the aforementioned genres while honoring many of the valued principles that make music such a beautiful art form. Heidi brings her own share of warm tidings to the holiday season with a festive cover of the timeless classic My Favorite Things. Originating as a show tune from the 1959 musical The Sound of Music, My Favorite Things is resurrected uniquely by Heidi Tann for the modern-day enthusiast of shimmering grooves. This enthralling cover is enlivened by its melody. Heidi’s rendering of My Favorite Things opens with a taste of acoustic guitar and chimes casts a sense of innocence and enchantment before moving into the main body of the work. After the tune’s initial segment, Heidi puts the listener onboard to the track’s electrifying landscape with a spectacular vocal performance that is equally free-spirited. Approaching the composition’s midsection, we find an array of strings and piano measures crafted into a complex jazz arrangement, embroiled by layered percussive sounds and live drumming that is steeped in the background as a narrative force and guide for the song’s instrumentation. Heidi goes above and beyond to deliver some of the best vocals imaginable while adding characteristic depth to the development and mood of the piece, which concludes as a fleeting memory. My Favorite Things by Heidi Tann is a holiday experience that should not be missed! “My Favorite Things” by Heidi Tann is available now on Happy Holidays!

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